Am I really going to get the booze delivered to me??

Do you think this is a joke? Of course you will.

European Union

If you live in an EU country and are ordering the booze for your private consumption (please do share it with your family and friends too, for your own liver's sake!), you can order as much booze through our website as allowed by European law. You will not need to pay any more tax in your country - we guarantee!

* We will go on shipping to the UK as usual at least until 31.12.2020, despite BREXIT.

Do I have to pay for delivery??

Sure. We are nice people, but this is not a charity.


As an intermediary delivery agency, we need to cover our costs with the first-class delivery service from UPS we use, as well as pay for the certified packaging material needed for safe transportation of your valuable goods. So per box of up to 12 standard-sized bottles* (0,5/0,7/1L) you will pay:

Delivery service: €12,90
Packaging material:  €2,99

And for the convenience we provide to you by fully handling your order, which includes everything from managing the contact to the local supplier until carefully packing your stuff and providing you with guarantees for a safe ordering (money back guarantee, free return, etc), we charge a small, flat handling fee of EUR 1 per order.

These conditions are valid for delivery anywhere in the European Union (so including Sweden and Finland).

In summary, this is what we charge:

  Bottles     Delivery     Material     Delivery & Material     Handling     Total Fee
1-12 €12,90 €2,99 €15,89 €1,00 €16.89
13-24 €25,80 €5,98 €31,78 €1,00 €32,78
25-36 €38,70 €8,97 €47,67 €1,00 €48,67
37-48 €51,60 €11,96 €63,56 €1,00 €64,56

For the beer drinkers: each box fits up to 2 trays, but you can also have a mix as with 1 tray of beer and up to 6 standard-sized bottles of other booze if you want. We always charge full boxes.

* Items up to 50mL correspond to 1/5 of a standard-sized bottle and items up to 375mL correspond to 1/2 of a standard-sized bottle.

How the hell am I supposed to pay??

Oh, please: do pay us.


You can choose among the most common debit and credit cards, Google/Microsoft/Apple Pay, PayPal or make a bank wire. And if your name is Scarlett Johansson we will put it on the cuff for you!
We used to accept ether (no, that is not a booze, it's a cryptocurrency!), but as no one took that seriously, we've just disabled it. Just let us know if you would rather have something else.


* As ridiculous as this sounds: if you are ordering a Cuban product you will not be able to use PayPal for payment, as that US company believes they have the right and duty to interfere with EU market freedom and force us to follow their embargo against Cuba. No, this is not a joke.

What about customs??

Enjoy... this is EU!


As you must know, if you live in the EU you are free to order products from anywhere you like in it. As long as the goods are for your private consumption and you are organizing the transportation of your products yourself (by hiring us!), you don't have to worry about taxes in your home country. The products we advertise through our site already include all required EU taxes and can be purchased anywhere in the EU.

In order to make sure products are for private consumption, we restrict each order to a maximum of 6 boxes, with the total equivalent of 72 standard-sized bottles.

For more information on applicable legislation, read this.

And if you are still unsure about ordering with us, just know that with our Money-Back Guarantee you can cancel your order and get your money back anytime until delivery. Just talk to us!

Where the heck is my booze??

Slow down, tiger. Please read.


Let's be honest: you are not ordering a pizza. International delivery takes a little time. We promise to have your booze delivered to you in up to 10 days, although most orders get delivered in about 5 to 7 days*.

I know, I know.... you might be shivering already by the time the stuff gets to your place. How about stocking up then, so you don't have this problem again? Just an idea...

In any case, our shipping is insured, so you don't have to worry about it. But be assured that we want to see our customers happy! So, if you got screwed anyhow during delivery, just get in touch with us, and we will make sure to compensate you in any way we can!

* Banking holidays very often interfere directly with UPS' international transportation schedule, which would often cause delivery to take between 7 to 10 days in total instead (sometimes even more!). Please understand we have no influence whatsoever over this inconvenience.