When ordering through our website you will not have to pay any more taxes in your country within the EU for the products we deliver. Also not alcohol tax. Not even if you live in a country with 'alcohol monopoly' such as Sweden and Finland. That's because all required local German taxes are already included in the listed prices and you are free to privately transport your booze anywhere you like in the EU.


"It's myBooze and I will take it anywhere I want!"


The EU Common Excise Duty Provisions

This is what the EU Commission says about the excise duty on alcohol (you can double-check it directly at the source here, if you want):

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"Where should the duties be paid?

  • For commercial transactions, in general, the excise duty is paid in the Member State of consumption. To facilitate this, excise goods are transported from one Member State to another under duty-suspension until they reach their final destination.

  • If commercial consignments have already been released for consumption (and therefore the duty is paid) in one Member State, and are then transported to another Member State as final destination, a system of reimbursement is in place to avoid double taxation.

  • For private individuals, who buy excise goods for their own use, the tax is paid in the Member State of origin i.e. where they buy the goods. This is the case even if they bring these goods into another Member State. For more information, see travellers.

  • For distance selling (sale to a private person in another Member State), the principle of taxation in the Member State of destination applies. Therefore, products which have already been released for consumption and which are transported to another Member State will be subject to excise duty in the Member State of destination. The person liable to pay the excise duties is the vendor. To avoid double taxation, Directive 2008/118/EC provides for a system of reimbursement of the excise duty paid in the first Member State, subject to conditions to be determined by that Member State.

  • For buyers: Make sure the vendor includes the excise duties of your Member State in the selling price. If the vendor does not comply with the requirements under Article 36(4)(a) of Directive 2008/118/EC you may become the person liable under Article 36(3). Also make sure that the price of transport is included in the price. If you agree to arrange the transport separately you become liable for the excise duty in “your” Member State.

  • For vendors: Bear in mind that in most Member States a tax representative in the Member State of destination is required under Article 36(3) of Directive 2008/118/EC. This means that you cannot send excise goods to a private person without having appointed a tax representative in that Member State of destination. Check the national excise procedures before dispatching goods to private persons"

Since you are a private induvidual ordering booze for your own consumption, there are only two categories defined in the provisions above that one could possibly consider a transaction through our website to fall into: for private individuals or for distant selling.


Well, I thought this was a distance sale...

As they say: 'If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably  is a duck'. Except when it is not a duck. Have you seen the witch scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail? (if you haven't, watch it here. Definitely worth it!)

Here is why an order through our website is undoubtedly not a distance sale.

We are not selling booze to you. We offer to you through our website only our transportation services. The booze we advertise and which you may select during the ordering process serves essentially for the calculation of our transportation fee, which is based on the estimated total number of packages we will transport.

As a convenience to you, we forward your booze selection to an independent local retailer in Germany as a local, private purchase order, who can sell to you the booze you want for the prices we advertised. This local retailer, same as a supermarket at any corner, is not aware of where you live or where the products are going to be taken. It knows only your name, that you are of legal age for purchasing alcohol according to German laws, and that you have hired us to pick up the products from it's warehouse in your behalf.
Therefore, same as any other local store in Germany, the retailer who is selling you the booze can not be considered to be distance selling.

The payment you make which is triggered by our website goes directly to each company you are hiring, without intermediation, that is, the booze price goes to the local retailer and the transportation fee to us.

So your booze order through our website can only be classified as a local, private individual purchase, same as shopping at the supermarket, but with electronic transmission of information for a more efficient process.

How is this different from illegal websites?

Most shops that sell alcohol internationally in the EU believe that a mere separation between the company that is selling the alcohol and the company that is transporting the pakage is enough to assume that you are responsible for transportation yourself, and therefore as a private individual allowed to buy the alcohol online anywhere in the EU. This is obviously not true, since the EU provisions above clearly place the excise duty responsibility at destination to the retailer for sales over the internet (distance selling), even if you make a separate payment to another company for the shipping of the goods.

Be careful: If the online retailer does not pay for the excise duties in your country, you would most likely have to pay extra for alcohol tax!

These shady models find no parallel in our business as we do not sell you any alcohol - but only the transportation service, and you are allowed by law as a private person to bring the products you purchase abroad (not as a distant sale) into your country up to the maximum allowed quantities. So all due taxes, including alcohol tax, are already paid abroad and there is no extra tax burden for you. All 100% legal.

Order safely through myBooze

Still unsure about ordering through our website?

All our customers have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for the products they order and can revoke their order at any time until delivery at their appointed address. No questions asked!

As a private individual, you are free to buy booze where you like in the EU. So if you want to take advantage of the benefits we offer through our website, just scroll through the assortment for your preferred items and enjoy!

For more information on our Money-Back Guarantee read here.