In a simple answer: YES!

If you are an European Union resident, be happy: you are free to privately purchase goods in any country of the EU!

We will explain how.

So you are sitting for example in a coffee shop in Germany having one of those world-class coffees they have (not!), wondering how disgusting and boring that shit is while you waste an incredible amount of time just scrolling through Facebook watching silly puppy cats. Then you have the greatest idea of the week: pouring some booze in that shit you are drinking and making something out of your day! But since you don't know your way around, you decide to search on the internet for some cheap supermarket around. That's when you hit our website.

Through our website, we are helping you make a local purchase directly at a German retailer, which includes all VAT and excise duties as determined by law, without the hassle of going through different stores to search for the best prices. And so you do not have to fool around or carry the heavy stuff you got, you are mailing your goodies to your place, anywhere in the EU.

In a nutshell, that's what is going on here: you are making a local purchase in Germany for your private consumption, and yourself contracting its transportation to your home country. All legal, easy-peasy!

The European Commission explains your rights clearly:


"Buying goods in another Member State

There are no limits on what private persons can buy and take with them when they travel between EU countries, as long as the products purchased are for personal use and not for resale, with exception of new means of transport. Taxes (VAT and excise) will be included in the price of the products in the Member State of purchase and no further payment of taxes can be due in any other Member State.

Tobacco and alcohol

However, special rules apply in the case of goods subject to excise duty, such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. If a private person purchases such products in one Member State and takes them to another Member State, the principle that no excise duty has to be paid in the Member State of destination only applies if the goods are

  • for the own use of the traveller
  • and transported by himself.

To determine whether these products are for the own use of the traveller, Member States must take account of all the relevant factors. These include:

  • The commercial status of the holder of the products and his reasons for holding them;
  • The place where the products are located or, if appropriate, the mode of transport used;
  • Any document relating to the products;
  • The nature of the products;
  • The quantity of the products.

As to the last element, Member States may lay down guide levels, solely as a form as evidence, which cannot be lower than the following quantities:

a) Tobacco products
  • cigarettes 800 items
  • cigarillos (cigars weighing not more than 3 g each) 400 items
  • cigars 200 items
  • smoking tobacco 1.0 kg
b) Alcoholic beverages
  • spirit drinks 10 litres
  • intermediate products 20 litres
  • wines (including a maximum of 60 litres of sparkling wines) 90 litres
  • beers 110 litres"

In essence: the European Union guarantees you the right to purchase abroad and bring to your home country up to:

  • 10L of strong spirits (above 22% alcohol)
  • 20L of other spirits (up to 22% alcohol)
  • 110L of beer
  • 90L of wine (60L if it bubbles)

If you live in the EU, enjoy!

For specific information on alcohol tax, continue reading here.

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